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do you ever hear a line in a song and it’s just so painfully clever you just sit there in shock for the remainder of the song

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☞Dream With Me (Unreleased) - Automatic Loveletter☜



How long do we have to submit a video? I wanna do one but I need a new SD Card for my phone first because it broke. :c.

The deadline is August 22nd. I will try my best to release it by the 28th, but that could be messed up since I start school on the 26th. If you do need more time, I could maybe let it pass until the 24th. 

So the official deadline is the 22nd. 

The “I’ll-let-it-pass-this-once” deadline is the 24th.

But please know that if you do send it to me after the 22nd, this doesn’t assure your video being in the main one! So everyone be wise!(:

Juliet Simms appreciation Snakey video

A while back, a big group of Snakeys got together to make a video to show their appreciation to Juliet. They all made their own videos to put into one big appreciation video and I would like to recreate that. 

If you would like to participate, keep reading. 

There aren’t any strict rules, but these are required:

  • You must be a fan, of course. No haters and no fakes.
  • You must have an accessible webcam or camera to record videos.
  • Your video should be between 2 minutes - 10 minutes long.
  • Tell about how you found out about Juliet, how she’s influenced you, what she means to you, and how long you’ve been a Snakey.
  • Make sure to include your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr fan page names in the video if you do have one.
  • If you don’t have a fan page, include your personal account names if you’d like Juliet to see that as well. 
  • Make your video as creative as you’d like, you may include signs, t-shirts, posters, NTIO bracelets whatever you have of Juliet and/or Automatic Loveletter. Do not include music in your video. It could mess with how it’s heard in the main video. 
  • Submit your videos as a video response to my Dream With Me video on YouTube
  • If you do not know how to make video responses, first you need a YouTube account. Then click and click “comment”. On the side should be “create video response” and then upload your video there. 
  • This should just be a really fun thing, so let’s join together in telling Juliet how much we appreciate her!(: 

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She’s born to be a singer AND a model! <3

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She’s gorgeous!

(photos not mine)